Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Eventology by Adworks: FAVORS and GIVEAWAYS

Impress with Adworks' exclusive line of bridal and party favors and corporate gifts, Nest & Nobles. 

Share your special moments through lovely gifts and first-rate souvenirs. Let them know that they are very much appreciated.


Nest & Nobles artistically and intricately designs and conceptualizes gifts that surely match your brand or motif. Because we care more than enough, we provide packaging that fits your style and budget. Boxes, gift wraps, ribbons, tags & embellishments are just to name some.


Nest and Nobles comes in but is not limited to body and bath, electronics, wellness, desk and office.



Say a take care and utter it with Nest and Nobles Wellness. Let them know that you wish to take good care of them.

Body & Bath

Oils & Pampering


Linen Spray

A sleep is not a sleep if it is not a sound sleep.

Give the sleep your loved ones will fall for and fall asleep for. Sleep better is mixed with various fragrances calming and soothing for the last part of the day, bedtime.


Best for: Bed Linens. Travelling.


Room Spray

You inhale to live and you live to breathe better.


Best for: Soft Furnishing. Office and Bedroom.


Eau de Cologne and Eau de Toilette

Wear the scent on your garments and uplift the body inside it. It can also be used in ironing to enjoy a lasting scent.


Best for: Body and Clothing.


Nest and Nobles Wellness have more varieties to try on.

These includes:

Hand Gel, Lotion, Hand Soap and Oil Diffuser.


And varieties of scents to choose from. Fruity flavors, flowery scents, musky and aromatherapy scents to name a few.

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