Sunday, March 21, 2010

SPRINT-Quality Advertising is Fast

Sprint is defined as to run or go at top speed. Interestingly when "s" is  removed it will read as "print".

Large Format is a digital printing technique that is required to print large materials. Sprint is the largest and fastest large format printer in town.

Adworks believes that faster production of ad collateral means more exposure and mileage for your company.  With Sprint Large Format Solutions printing has never been this fast. Its 10.5 ft width printing capacity and 10 sec./sq.ft. speed mean more materials are printed in a faster time. Making it possible to print 30'x50' billboards in hours  and to be ready for installation the next day. It is able to print onto a variety of materials including tarpaulin, black out, canvass, vinyl and transparent stickers. All our digitally printed graphics can be used outdoors as well as inside, with no fear of fading or water damage. Sprint also offers worry free installations for billboards, banners and vehicle wraps.


·         Tarpaulin Banners

·         Billboards

·         Murals

·         Vinyl Stickers for vehicle wraps

·         Canvass prints

·         Backlit graphics

·         Store Displays

·         POPs